Town of Weymouth CPR Registration

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Fallon Ambulance is offering CPR courses for the town of Weymouth. Fallon Ambulance will be offering three different levels of CPR training: Healthcare Provider CPR, HeartSaver CPR, and Hands only CPR. Below are descriptions of each course:

Healthcare Provider CPR is the level needed by Healthcare professionals. Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Paramedics, and EMTs all require BLS level of certification for the healthcare provider. This training is a little more tailored to detailed assessments, including the use of equipment found in hospitals and dental offices, such as the Bag Valve Mask. A written test and skills evaluation are mandatory. Certification lasts 2 years.

HeartSaver CPR is the level of care that is provided by daycare providers, construction and office workers, teachers, and coaches. This course covers a simpler version of CPR and utilizes equipment that is found in a public setting. There is no mandatory written test, but candidates will need to demonstrate skill competency. Certification lasts 2 years.

Hands Only CPR is a non-certification video course. This course will teach "Hands-Only" approach to treating adult cardiac arrest victims. This course will not cover infants or children, who require rescue breaths and compressions. No tests are required to pass this course.You will also learn life saving First Aid such as bleeding control and 

Here is the schedule of courses Click on the course to register.

Heart Saver CPR 10/12/17 @ 6:00PM

Heart Saver CPR 11/09/17 @ 6:00PM

Health Care Provider CPR 12/14/17 @ 6:00PM

If you are having trouble with the online registration please email or call 617-7452100 x516


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